Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Amazing Author Visit with Troy Cummings!

     Today we got to visit with author Troy Cummings.  He is from Greencastle, Indiana.  We have read some of the books from his series Notebook of Doom.  His books are full of crazy monsters!  He showed us how to draw some!  He talked to us about things writers do and how to develop our ideas.  He encouraged us to think about a familiar story and change up one element to make a whole new story.  He also showed us how to draw a story map to help prewrite.  Did you know that you can add the letter "V" to any character drawing to make them look evil?  Ask your child how!  Before leaving, he autographed our Notebook of Doom books!  How cool is that?!?!  Thanks to KEYS Foundation for bringing Troy to our school!

His top secret writing tips:
Have fun.
Ask "what if?"
Never give up.

Thanks for coming to see us today, Troy!

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